I <3 William Shatner on Twitter

I love how they respond to him, as if he is actually a captain, even more.

Nasa confirmed for huge fucking nerds

This is awesome and priceless and people that work on space stuff are the best people of all time.

Honestly this just about brings me to tears.

Roddenberry, Shatner, Nimoy, Nichols and all the rest of the original Star Trek cast and crew had no small role in making the moon landing as important as it was.  A few years before they set that lunar module down, this little TV show came along and fanned the dream into wildfire with an image of what humanity in space could actually look like—not only peaceful on our own world, endlessly curious, and prosperous enough to pursue it, but an active force for good in the greater universe.  Carrying not what’s most toxic about us, but what’s best about us out to the stars.

Everybody who has worked at NASA or any other space agency for the past 50 years is waiting for the day when that unmanned probe doing a flyby on a comet can be controlled from the bridge of a space-faring vessel.  When we’re not just looking at that comet through a color-coded sonar map, but we can look out a porthole and see it tumbling by with our own eyes.  When as a species we can finally outgrow hate and fear and violence, and turn our faces with joy toward all the beauties and wonders that lie waiting to be discovered.

And every time he does this, Shatner is reminding them of what that hope feels like.

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I ship it.

He’d treat her better than the Joker.


As someone who was previously all about Harley and Joker, I now ship this.

They&#8217;d be so happy together. ;_;







I ship it.

He’d treat her better than the Joker.


As someone who was previously all about Harley and Joker, I now ship this.

They’d be so happy together. ;_;

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the thought of becoming an adult one day is the scariest thing ever why cant i live the rest of my life blogging about fictional characters and laughing at stupid shit

I am going to let you in on the worst-kept secret in fandom: we’re actually mostly adults around here.

I am thirty-two years old.  One of my oldest friends is pushing forty.  His older sister is forty-six.  We all blog about fictional characters and stupid shit.  One of the first people who ever GMed a tabletop RPG for me still goes to cons.  He’s at least fifty.

We are all, in theory, grown adults who are holding down jobs and have cars or rent or morgage payments or student loans and/or marriages and/or children.  We vote and eat bran-tastic food for our hearts and buy sensible shoes.

Also, the first song I danced to at my first Homecoming dance was recently played on a local oldies station, dear god.

I mean, seriously.  Grownups. We made it to the other side, fan-brains intact.  So can you.

Becoming an adult is not scary.  Becoming an adult is not about stopping with the tumbling and the cat videos.  It’s just about doing that shit between work and errands instead of between school and chores.  It’s about being able to do different kinds of epic shit — I may not be able to write another 50k fanfic, but I can decorate my entire kitchen in Captain America stuff and re-wire my rice cooker so the light looks like an arc reactor.

If you’re worried about no longer being fannish and not liking ridiculous silly shit (I assume ‘for no good reason’, aka ‘growing out of it’), you’re worried about becoming boring, not old.

So what if people call what we do childish?  A: they’re wrong, there’s some serious grown-up badassery going ‘round in fandoms, and B: what’s wrong with being childish?  Are children something we should avoid being like?  Doesn’t everyone wish they could return to childhood?  

We are living a friggin’ eternal youth on the internet.  Anyone tells you ‘grownups don’t do this stuff’ is just jealous.  Hmph.

Now get off my damn lawn, kid.

Seriously, we can all live this beautiful grown up fan life forever. 8D

38, still going strong. I’m planning a retirement home con in 40 years or so…

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Nedra Phillips wearing Tia Lyn @ The Annual Full Figured Fashion Week NYC 2014

i need it????!!!??!

holy god

Sweet JESUS! Get it girl. GET. IT.

Last time I shared a post about big women being beautiful, I got some responses that indicated some followers had never in their lives seen women like them being portrayed as desirable.  So I’m doing it again.

This bears repeating.  You may look at a woman—maybe yourself—and think, “There is just no possible way she could be considered beautiful.”  Because she does not look like the women who are offered up to us as beautiful.

But make no mistake: we are being TOLD that those women who’re offered up to us are beautiful.  We are being TOLD that women who don’t look like that AREN’T beautiful.  In non-verbal cues of lighting, fashion, the reactions of one fictional character to another, this is not simply some spontaneous or evolved cultural agreement that fat is ugly.  This is a marketing campaign.

Because marketing is all about defining sexiness, and then selling it.  Is cola sexy? Give Coke’s PR department a bit, and they will make it sexy, and then you will want to buy it because marketing is all about making you desire.  Marketers manipulate and control the definition of desirability, and IT CAN CHANGE.  It can change at a moment’s notice.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Garfield can go from long-necked weird-looking dorks to international sex symbols with a single poster.  It is not a mistake or a coincidence that ‘sexy’ has gone from being a concept of sexual desirability to become slang for ‘a concept appealing enough to get people to buy into it.’

If you think you are not beautiful, it’s because you are being told so.  The line standing between you and being a beautiful, desirable woman, or man, is not your looks.  It’s not your body type or your health or your muscle/fat ratio.  It is a photographer’s skill at framing and lighting and a well-paid beauty consultant’s application of cosmetics and styling in a way that we have been conditioned to recognize as markers of sexual appeal.

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you know why my john limps, and has a reflexive cough, and his hand shakes? because he nearly fucking died. he got shot through the lung, smashed his leg up, he’s got nerve damage from where his shoulderblade fragmented. there’s no magic cure, no matter how much he worships sherlock, or how thrilling things get. he’ll carry that limp, and that cough, and that shake in his fingers, for the rest of his long, full, happy life.


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"Don’t let people get to you"


I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced this a lot:

  • I’ll talk about someone being mean or bigoted towards me.
  • And someone will say something like “Don’t let them get to you”, or
  • "Don’t ever let people get under your skin like that, they’re not worth it"

And in my experience, that always makes me feel worse. This is what I eventually figured out about it:

Things hurt.

It’s not your fault that it hurts when people are awful to you.

It’s not your fault you care what people think of you sometimes. (Everyone does.)

Having connections to others matters. And when people we’re connected to are mean, it hurts.

Self esteem talk can end up being yet another stick to beat you with, and that’s not right either. 

Being hurt by mean people doesn’t mean you’re failing. It’s not possible to be completely invulnerable at all times. When someone’s shooting arrows at you, it’s not your fault for failing to make armor fast enough to stop them.

You’re ok. They’re mean.

This is one that bugs me.  I am inordinately good at not caring what other people think…but sometimes it just matters.  It can matter to you emotionally, and you know, sometimes it can matter in a very tangible life-affecting way.

Which, you know, is why human beings are hard-wired to care what other people think about them.  It can be a matter of safety or security.  You need other people.

So.  You’re not weak for caring what other people think.  It’s not your fault when they do something to hurt you and it does in fact hurt.

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I was tagged by belladonnaq for the Personality Test: Characters Who Share the Same Personality as you. You can take the test here!

My personality type is INTP:

The INTP personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. INTPs pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. Usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor, INTPs have been responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history.

Famous INTPs:

Rene Descartes
Blaise Pascal
Isaac Newton
Carl Jung
Albert Einstein
James Madison
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Gerald Ford

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ladytardis221b said: Hey! I know this is kind of random but I love Odalisque! I was just curious if the fic is on hiatus or if you're done writing it? It's incredible and I'm totally eager for more!! Thanks for writing it and for takin the time to read my ask, I'm sure you get this question a lot lol :)

It’s neither!  I’m actively working on it.  Aheh heh.  XD Really…really slowly.

More specifically, I’d been making excellent progress on it last month, till I ran into an obstacle in the last scene (obstacles are good!  Finding them is progress—I keep reminding myself of this).  Namely, Moriarty is too passive; I need to figure out just what is going on in that head of his.

I need to sit down with one of my betas and try to work it out, but work was eating my mental capital so completely for the last few weeks that I haven’t had it in me.  Maybe this weekend!